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Patient Testimonials

The following reviews are from actual patients who
received cosmetic dentistry from Dr. Manos.

"As you are aware, I have always been pleased with the general dental care that you and your staff have provided me.  However, since I have gone through the ‘porcelain veneer’ process, I can only say that you are an amazing professional for many reasons.
  1. Comfort—The process was long, but everything was done to promote patient comfort and it succeeded!  I experienced no significant discomfort.
  2. Precision—Many steps (x-rays, impressions, etc.) were taken to ensure my pre-approval of the plan and its subsequent execution.  Your attention to detail clearly indicated a perfectionist approach.
  3. Results—It is difficult to describe the ways in which my even, white, sparkling teeth have affected me.  I say, ‘If the eyes are windows to the soul, surely a smile windows the heart.’  My heart is happy!
Thank you,
Diane Barnard, Grosse Pointe Woods

I have developed this habit of smiling into shop windows, the chrome on my car, and while driving I check the rearview mirror a lot.  I have had some strange looks from those around me as a result.  I had always wished for straight teeth and though I was never stopped from doing what I wanted because they were crooked, the wish was still there.

Dr. Manos, you and your staff have a tremendous impact on your patients for more than the cosmetic results.  You are all kind in your demeanor, positive, thoughtful, and are builders of people in a very special way.  When I smile at someone else I can make a difference in their life for a moment.  When you made my smile you made, in a moment, a difference for a lifetime.  You do important work and are truly artists.  To put it in that vernacular: You all do the work of a master, create beautiful paintings, and wield your brush with genuinely kind artistry!

Simply, but sincerely: Thank you!
Linda Finger, Grosse Pointe Park

"I have always been a happy person and now I'm very confident to show my white smile whenever.  I have had to have teeth pulled, mouth surgery, and braces, but this whitening process is truly easy and painless.  Just wearing the whitening trays for an hour when I do homework has made a huge difference.  Why would you consider a pharmacy whitening kit when your dentist at Dr. Manos can offer you an at home treatment that you know will be effective.  If you are unsure, don't just ask someone if they were happy with their results from Dr. Manos, look at their bright refreshing smile and that will show you the truth."
Tracy Halso, Grosse Pointe

"Today was my first office visit with Dr. Manos.  She is wonderful!  She was very friendly, but most important, she spoke to me like a person!  I really look forward to working with Dr. Manos.  Thanks."
Elena Zachary, St. Clair Shores

"Dr. Manos and her staff are the most patient and understanding people I have encountered in a dental office.  I have problems with TMJ and seeing a dentist is usually a nerve-wracking experience for me.  It is such a relief to have found a dentist like Dr. Manos and her staff.  For the first time in years, I am at ease in the dentist's chair and look forward to my appointments!  There is a high level of  compassion and understanding that I have found nowhere else."
Wendy Kohlmann, Mt. Clemens

"I love coming to the office.  You feel so relaxed with the soothing music, trickling waterfall and homey decor.  It gives you such a comfortable warm feeling.

When I get in the office, that same feeling is carried over with the beautiful decor, dreamy sky lighting and, of course, the kindest, gentlest sweetest Doctor and staff I have ever had the privilege of coming in contact with.

Thank you Dr. Manos and girls for your wonderful treatment for me and my family!"
Lisa Fleszar, Grosse Pointe Park

"Every child's first experience with a dentist should be with Dr. Manos or with a dentist just like her.  That way no child would grow up into an adult who feared and dreaded going to the dentist.

I speak from experience.  Fourty-two years ago when I was 9 years old, I chipped my two front teeth which required a lot of shots and dental work.  The dentist was as compassionate with me as he would working on a Buick.

What a difference a dentist makes!  Dr. Manos is an extremely gentle and caring dentist, who asked several times during my stay in her chair how I was doing.  Equally impressive is the staff.  They go out of their way to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

I am grateful to my friend who recommended Dr. Manos' office and there is no doubt the fear and dread of a dentist appointment is behind me."
Vera Dughi East Pointe

"I have been to many dentists through the years for tooth extractions, fillings, cap and crowns.  Dr. Manos is exceptional.  She is kind, caring, knowledgeable and most importantly, she has gentle hands.  That is very important to me.  I feel blessed to have her for my dentist.  She also has a great office staff.  The are all friendly and kind people."
Jeanne Peterson, Grosse Pointe Park

"First impressions are always lasting - what a nice atmosphere.  The office of Dr. Manos is very cozy and warm, not sterile and institutional feeling.  Dr. Manos and staff are very professional and personal, which makes me feel very relaxed, not tense as I felt before when visiting the dentist."
Gustavia Mensah - Detroit